Welcome to Danale.

The Cloud for all IoT.

The Start of a smarter life.

The internet of things has changed the way we interact with our home, office and everyday environments. Danale is the cloud platform that connects all IoT devices and services together. We are the global leader of IoT platforms.

Danale has more than 300 cloud servers and over 100 CDN servers deployed globally, covering America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Our strong partnerships allow us to provide reliable service to the IoT industry, proving a 99% successful connection rate and supporting over 10,000,000 devices to date.

Our Services

For End Users

The Danale or Danale supported application can give you capability to manage the smart home devices that you own.

For manufacturers or distributors

Have an awesome smart device that needs cloud service or need a customized application? Trust our proven model & dedication to take you to the next level.

for software developers

Either you are a software developer, hardware designer or a design house for both, cooperate with us to broaden your service.

Our Smart Platform

Cloud Service/Storage

  • Have the capability to save content to Danale cloud and access it through device anywhere, anytime

Smart Monitoring and Alerts

  • Proprietary algorithms allows smart monitoring and notifies users when important events are recognized

Remote Access and Control

  • Allow real-time interfacing ability for users to interact with all of their devices and access them remotely


Adaptive Intelligence

  • Adaptive learning ability allows devices to adapt to user preferences automatically

Task Automation

  • Define custom rules to simplify complex or excessive tasks for the users

Danale Cumulus

  • Cross collaboration with various devices and applications residing in the Danale Cloud

Our Partners Worldwide


Smart by Danale

When a smart device is designated Smart By Danale, it means that it is now part of a much larger family. Smart By Danale is more than a slogan, it’s a promise to our customers. A promise that any product bearing the name Danale will exceed your expectations. We take our promises seriously, so when we say Smart By Danale, we mean it!

What exactly is Smart By Danale?

The designation Smart by Danale is reserved for products that have been specifically designed and tested to work within the Danale family. This means that any product bearing our name will be fully compatible within our ecosystem and work seamlessly with one another. This includes the Danale cloud, which allows users to access real time data from their smart devices. Once a device is deemed Smart by Danale it is guaranteed to work within the Danale mobile application, which means all your devices can be controlled from one central location.

Smart by Danale transparent.png
How to become Smart by Danale accredited?

We’re here to help, so whether you are a software developer, hardware designer, manufacturer or distributor feel free to drop us a line. Danale has a streamlined certification program to help distributors, suppliers, and re-sellers get their products fully compatible with our application. We are excited to get into contact with anyone who shares our passion for the IoT industry and believes that devices should not only be smart but also work simply.